What is Homeschooling at a center?


In this course students will be at a Homeschooling Center and will be trained by a qualified teacher with many years of experience in Maths, Science and English.


Our center Homeschooling classes provide a professional and a relaxed learning-environment where quality training is provided for a group of students. Students can not only socialise with their peers, but all the required resources likes pens, pencils and notepads are provided, for successful content-rich learning to occur.

Parents will have the peace of mind that their child will be receiving a quality education away from school.

Center Homeschooling courses are held weekly and monthly to offer the flexibility and affordability for all parents as shown in our course fees section. All students are provided with learning materials, test preparation and reports to enable them to understand the learning and progress they have made.

Homeschooling at a Center provides a professional learning environment for parents/students to take advantage of.

A lot of parents are passionate, motivated and dedicate themselves to their children’s academic progress.

Here we at British Academy are able to offer the perfect solution. Parents will have peace of mind that their child will be receiving a quality curriculum, on a monthly basis that is up to date on the subject chosen.

Key facts

Course length: Two or Three terms


Variable depending on the specific center (Contact us for further details)


Levels available:

All years/grades from Primary to High school Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Depending upon the ability and progress of a student, the completion of any level can vary from 2 - 4 months.


What the course will include:

(i)Pre-course placement test

(ii) Mixed-nationality classes

(iii) Average class size of 5-10

(iv) Individual learning plan for each student

(v) Continuous student assessment

(vi) Bi-monthly tutorials to discuss each student's progress and learning needs

(vii) Progress reports